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Bigfoot video surfaces in Provo, Utah

A man camping with his family has taken video footage of what is alleged to be a Bigfoot in the woods. The video has gained widespread attention and r…

These Look Like Some Great Nachos!

(Video Link) Unfortunately, this video is made up from pictures instead of video footage, still, it’s pretty adorable and the song is a nice touch. Personally, I think that little skinny thing could use a few more nachos. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Jetpack Test Flight Footage

(YouTube link) Finally, the future is making good on that jetpack promise. This is video footage of Jetson, a weighted test dummy, flying in the Martin Jetpack to 1500 feet, then performing an emergency landing with a ballistic parachute. The total flight lasted around 10 minutes. And now that this is all in order, I’d like to [...]

Pyramid-shaped UFO filmed over Kremlin

Video footage showing a giant pyramid-shaped object which floated above the Kremlin in Russia for several hours has dominated the country’s ne…