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SWARMANOID: Robots Doing Cool Stuff

A new breed of cooperative robots has won an artificial intelligence award: the Swarmanoid. (Although the robots are many, they are referred to as a singular collective.) Reminiscent of the “fast, cheap, and out of control” robots envisioned by Rodney Brooks in his pioneering paper and the movie of the same name, these robots work [...]

Robot Lightsaber Duel

Scientists and engineers are getting pretty adept at building real life robots then can do a myriad of amazing things. What would happen if you gave to robotic arms light sabers? The folks at Yaskawa did just that. Watch full video demonstration at the link. Link

Pong Prom Lets You Play A Video Game While Dancing

Pong Prom is a video game/art project developed by Ed Keeble modeled on the 1972 video game Pong. Users were special hoodies with display panels on the front. They control the paddles by moving their partners back and forth in a slow-dancing motion: The project uses the Lilypad Arduino platform to control game play, run the [...]