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Onward to Final Victory: Kim Jong Un’s Official Theme Song

[YouTube Clip] Kim Jong Un took a moment off from looking at things and finished his own theme song called "Onward Toward the Final Victory." Shuan Sim of The Atlantic has got it translated: Song: [...]

France Plans ‘Napoleonland’ — A Napoleon Theme Park

Park visitors won’t get forty shillings on a drum, but if French politician Yves Jégo has his way, they will get to experience the life and times of Napoleon Bonaparte. He plans to build, at a projected cost of $280 million, a theme park inspired by the French emperor: The plan is to build the unlikely [...]

Russian Nuclear Icebreakers: to the North Pole!

“QUANTUM SHOT” #395(rev)Link – article by Avi Abrams Odyssey in the Arctic with the Russian Icebreaker Fleet The nuclear-powered icebreakers were considered the symbol of Soviet technological power for many decades. Today this fleet is still used to aid ship navigation in the seas north of Siberia – but also for the purpose of elite tourism, which [...]

The Number of the Day: 9,525

When the California Institute of Technology’s men’s basketball team scored a 46-45 victory yesterday over conference rival Occidental, they put a stop to a 26-year losing streak. Until squeaking out that victory, Caltech hadn’t beaten a conference opponent since January 23, 1985 – a period of futility that stretched 310 games over the course of [...]

4 Dead Politicians Who Still Got Elected

California State Senator Jenny Oropeza easily won re-election yesterday – despite having passed away back on October 20th from complications caused by a blood clot. Although the illness left her largely absent from the campaign trail, Oropeza still managed to claim victory by a 58%-36% margin. Oropeza’s story is rare, but certainly not unprecedented in the [...]