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Game of Thrones Paper Snowflake

Winter is coming, so let’s get crafting! Victoria Remelius made this beautiful paper snowflake modeled on House Stark’s direwolf sigil. Link -via Popped Culture

Star Trails Down Under

This photograph of star trails over Lake Tyrrell in Victoria, Australia was taken by amateur astronomer and astrophotography enthusiast Alex Cherney. His daughter’s school project involving astronomy was the origin of Cherney’s interest in the subject. Originally from the Ukraine, Cherney currently lives in Australia and regularly travels the country taking pictures of the night [...]

Ancient Roman Socks

These magnificently preserved socks date back to Roman Egypt, c. 250-420 A.D. Are they designed for two-toed people? Not quite: The big toe divided from the others suggest that the socks were probably meant to be worn with sandals. It is unclear whether the socks formed offerings to the dead or were used as foot coverings. [...]

Bat Smoothies

Bev Brown runs the Ashburton Wildlife Shelter in Victoria, Australia, home to endangered grey-headed flying foxes. In this gallery, you’ll see a 12-week-old bat named Camilla enjoy Bev’s special fruit smoothies she makes as a treat for the animals on hot days. Who knew you could drink a smoothie while hanging upside-down? Link -via Metafilter (Image [...]

11 Disturbing Cakes That Look Like Body Parts

One of the great things about Halloween is that you get the chance to eat foods that you would never consider eating otherwise, like flayed skin cheese balls, Frankenstein finger cookies, stuffed cockroaches and brain cocktails. Once you’ve had your fill of these gore-tastic treats, it might be time to satisfy your sweet tooth with [...]

Queen Victoria, Artist

Among the Queen’s talents was a gift for art. Victoria’s notebooks were filled with sketches and watercolors: From her subtle yet rich watercolors to her seemingly austere but remarkably expressive black-and-white ink sketches (with a style reminiscent of Wendy MacNaughton’s), the drawings complement her observations of daily life and capture everything from members of the Royal Family [...]

5 Fictional Countries Where the U.S. Army is Trained to Fight

During World War II, the Allies famously tricked Hitler into believing that the First United States Army Group would invade France at Pas-de-Calais. The real invasion, of course, came at Normandy, and the First United States Army Group did not take part—mostly because it didn’t actually exist. Fake military units aren’t the only thing the [...]

The Most Famous Mutts Ever

Mutts sometimes get a bad rap because they are less predictable and lack the supposedly superior genetics of purebreds, but scientists have performed multiple studies showing that mixed breed dogs are actually much healthier and often live longer than their purebred counterparts. While there is no definitive answer as to which is better because everyone’s [...]

San Diego Comic Con 2012 Bingo

Artists Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying have created this cute little bingo card for you to carry around if you’re attending Comic-Con 2012 this week(end). I’ve already got Pit Stains just thinking about the crowds smell fun I’ll have tooling around my beloved Con, and I’ve got my Short Shorts, Browncoat and Eyepatch all laid out [...]

Why Dog Loves to Chew Bones

Why do dogs love to chew bones? Because they’ve got the jaws to do it, a new research studies confirmed. Joao Munoz-Doran of the National University of Colombia explains: "And after many generations of this [...]