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Police Start Giving Angry Drunk People Lollipops to Calm Them Down

The city of Victoria, British Columbia, is taking a new approach to handling drunken, out-of-control revelers causing trouble in public places. The police hand such people lollipops. Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe explained why it works: Ms. Thornton-Joe said after the men popped a lolly in their mouths, their nasty energy all but dissolved. “They got calmer after [...]

Fluorescent Luminous Green River is Blamed on Pranksters

Canada’s Goldstream River failed to live up to its name when its waters bizarrely started flowing a fluorescent Luminous green. The river, which runs through the city of Langford in British Columbia, looked like the result of a radioactive disaster and an investigation was launched immediately. What caused the river to change colour was a mystery at [...]

Rule #1

Because if you don’t follow Rule #1, apparently there’s no need for Rule #2. A fantastic photo taken by Flickr user Gord McKenna in a Petting Zoo in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.