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Viking outpost discovered in Canada

The strongest evidence yet of a Viking outpost on Baffin Island has been presented by archaeologists. It had long been suspected that the seafaring Vi…

8 Sounds That Are Trademarked

Most of us are aware that you can trademark a slogan, a logo, and a name, but did you know that it is also possible to trademark a sound? Of course, in order to get approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office, said sound must “uniquely identify the commercial origin of the product [...]

Star Wars Saga Viewing Order

When the first Star Wars film came out in 1977, George Lucas said there were nine chapters in all -and hinted there would be nine films. As the other movies arrived, it became apparent that he was making them up as he went along. After Revenge of the Sith, Lucas said there would be no [...]

How It Should Have Ended (and Began): Return of the Jedi

The crew at How It Should Have Ended spends four and a half hilarious minutes exposing the gaping plot holes in Episode VI, especially taking into account the changes made to this movie after the release of the prequels. Nevermind the extermination of the Ewoks. Video Link -via The Mary Sue

A Mathemusician Explains How Sound Works

Self-proclaimed “recreational mathemusician” Vi Hart has posted an excellent short film explaining the science and mathematics of sound, frequency, and pitch. Basically Hart shows us how the chromatic scale was originally measured, how musical instruments work, and how we hear sound. It’s playful and smart — exactly what you need to watch right [...]

All Chewie, All the Time

Want to see every Chewbacca appearance in the original Star Wars trilogy? Of course you do; you’ve got nothing better to do today. Chewie only gets thirteen minutes of screen time in A New Hope and just over nine in Jedi — but he looms much larger in our minds. Enjoy, my sweet nerds: Warning: the [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Celebrities Who Used Childhood Nicknames

Having a rather straightforward name like Stacy means I’m not really subject to a lot of nicknames. Stace is pretty much it, although a select group of friends call me Stac (back in note-writing days, a spelling-challenged friend who meant “Stace” actually wrote “Stac” – I know, it’s a fascinating story). These 10 people presumably [...]

A Brief History of the Congolese Space Program

In recent months, NASA has lamented the lack of minority students interested in majoring in science and engineering fields and has now partnered with the United Negro College Fund in order to encourage college-bound African-American students to consider a career in these under-represented disciplines. If astrobiology research seems like an insurmountable goal to some U.S. [...]

The Late Movies: Geeky Tributes!

Geeks, nerds and dorks attend! Tonight for The Late Movies are a spattering of geeky tributes for your enjoyment. Know of a few others? Leave them in the comments section. Leading off tonight, is “Hail To The Geek” by Deaf Pedestrians. To the tune of “Hey There Delilah,” here is a tribute to everyone’s favorite former-CIA-turned-Phoenix-Foundation-Uber-Geek, MacGyver. Here’s [...]

American Woman Becomes African King

Two years ago, Peggielene Bartels, a US citizen and resident of Maryland, received an early morning phone call. Her uncle, the king of a village in Ghana, had died. Bartels was the next in the line of succession, and so she became king of Otuam: Nana Amuah-Afenyi VI is Bartels’ new title, but she is better [...]