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Henri 3: Le Vet

(YouTube link) The return of Henri, the existential cat, features a trip to the vet. Sadly, the vet does not listen to Henri’s tale of despair and ennui. As expected. -via Buzzfeed Previously: Other Henri videos.

The Pup Who Is Allergic To Grass

Poor little Jax is allergic to grass, which is a huge problem for a dog. Fortunately, his vet suggested he get new doggie boots, which not only leave him looking utterly adorable, but also protect him from his allergies so he can now run free and wild outside. Link Via I Has A Hot Dog

Sheep gives birth to lamb with "human face"

A sheep in Turkey has given birth to a dead lamb with a human-like face thought to be the result of a rare mutation. A vet performed a caesarean to fr…