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This YouTube Video Could Help Cure Vertigo

The idea that YouTube could help with any medical disorder sounds outrageous. But in the case of benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV), treatment through YouTube is entirely possible. That’s because the treatment of BPPV usually involves moving your head in a specific manner in order to realign the calcium crystals in your ear. When these crystals, [...]

This Floor Is Flat

This tripped out floor illusion was discovered in a Paris video game store, and is probably used as a deterrent against drunken shoppers! I would have to repeat the mantra “this floor is flat” when walking around this store, or else my vertigo might kick in and send me to the ground reeling with dizziness… Link  –via [...]

Bike Parkour

(YouTube link) Do NOT try this at home! Andrew Dickey is an expert, and there’s no telling how many bones he broke getting to this level. Oh, and there’s a chance of vertigo just from watching this video. -via BroBible

Extreme Pogo Stick

(YouTube link) These guys take extreme risks with pogo sticks, doing things I would never endorse -but I will watch! They were filmed over several month’s time by GoPro cameras from various angles. The result is entertaining, but maybe should carry a vertigo warning. -via BroBible

The Late Movies: “Pop Pilgrims” Visit Pop Culture Sites

The Onion’s AV Club has been traveling the U.S., visiting significant locations from film, TV, and music. I’ve collected some of my favorites from their series, which is currently 32 episodes long. These are bite-sized collections of trivia and pop culture lore, and are a lot of fun — though the theme song and sponsor [...]

What the Vertigo Apartment Looks Like Today

San Francisco: Jimmy Stewart’s Vertigo apartment Hitchcock fans no doubt remember Jimmy Stewart’s San Francisco apartment from the iconic Vertigo. AV Club’s Pop Pilgrims series has discovered that it’s still around today and largely looks the same. You can join them for a little tour in the video above, but if Hitchcock isn’t really your thing, [...]