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We’ve Got the Perfect Thing for Your Shiny New Tablet

If you got your hands on a new tablet this holiday season, your next move should be downloading the mental_floss magazine app. And when you make that next move, you get the current issue of mental_floss free! — iPad version — Android version — Kindle version Happy downloading!

Mother Ginger and Isabella

(YouTube link) This scene is always my favorite of The Nutcracker Ballet. In the version our regional ballet does, Mother Ginger is a man atop a wooden scaffolding that gets rolled out on stage. In this version, the lemon drop dancers underneath are so tiny that such shenanigans aren’t necessary. Keep your eye on little Isabella, [...]

Casting Live Versions of Animated Classics

The news is out this week that Tim Burton may be directing a live-action version of Pinnocchio starring Robert Downey, Jr. as Geppetto. That’s an interesting casting choice, to be sure, but they said the same thing when Downey was cast as Charlie Chaplin, Sherlock Holmes, and as Iron Man, which all make sense after [...]

The Story of Elvis Presley’s "Hound Dog"

Neatorama presents a guest post from actor, comedian, and voiceover artist Eddie Deezen. Visit Eddie at his website. The classic song “Hound Dog” was released in 1952 and was number one on the charts for seven weeks. Yes, that was 1952. Okay, before you jump the gun, let me tell you, this original version of “Hound [...]

Revenge Cats Season 2 Episode 1

(YouTube link) Revenge is an ABC-TV series. This video is the feline version of the latest episode. I am living proof that you don’t have to follow the TV show to enjoy the cat version, but how does it look to someone who is following the TV show? Let us know! You’ll find more episodes at [...]

Nestle’s New Ad: We Will Find You

Just think of it as a modern day’s version of Willy Wonka. Except with SWAT teams. Food company Nestlé is putting GPS chips in 6 chocolate bars across the UK and Ireland. When the wrappers are taken off the bars, the chips [...]

Breaking Bad – Illustrated

(vimeo link) Martin Woutisseth made an alternate illustrated version of the Breaking Bad opening credits. Since we’ll have no new episodes for a while, this may ease a fan’s pain just a little. -via The Daily What Geek

“Peter and the Wolf,” 1946

Remember that animated, professionally narrated version of Peter and the Wolf you saw as a kid? Sure you do — somewhere in the depths of your memory, you’ll probably remember this fifteen-minute Disney short from 1946. It’s odd to think now that this came out just a decade after Prokofiev’s original composition in [...]

Miss Flame in the Bedroom with the Shoe: 4 Board Games that Changed With The Culture

Plenty of board games have debuted special editions, integrated electronics (who wants to roll dice anymore, anyways?), and upgraded to fancy carved pieces. But here are four classic games that had to change their rules just to stay relevant in the culture around them. 1. The Game of Life Photo by user c.a. muller Unsurprisingly, the [...]

Batman Stop Motion Animation Made With Action Figures

(YouTube Link) The one thing this stop motion version of the Batman: Dark Knightfall trailer’s missing is moving mouths on the characters. It was made using hyper-realistic action figures from the Hot Toys line, and the figures give surprisingly good performances! It’s good to see the Heath Ledger version of Joker again, even if only in toy form. –via [...]