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Dine in a Bank Vault at The Bedford

Basements aren’t usually the best places for restaurants, but The Bedford in Chicago is an exception. That’s because it has a big vault as a door and safe-deposit boxes as walls. The restaurant is housed in a former [...]

9 of the World’s Most Ridiculously Secure Safes and Vaults

1. Fort Knox Plan on breaking into Fort Knox? First, climb the four surrounding fences—two of which are electric—and then sneak past the armed sentinels lining the perimeter. Be sure to avoid the video cameras. Don’t waste time trying to blast through the granite walls—they are four feet thick and held together by 750 tons of [...]

10 Amazing Abandoned Bank Vaults

When you think of a bank vault you probably tend to think about thick steel doors, massive locks, armed guards, deposit boxes and lots of cash, which is why it is so strange to see what they look like when they’ve been abandoned! These vaults were built to withstand robbery attempts, so they survive even [...]