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How does the Vatican investigate miracles ?

The Vatican has attributed many things to miracles over the years, but what exactly constitutes one ? One example of a case being investigated is that…

New TV show reconsiders past exorcisms

The Discovery Channel and the Vatican join forces to produce a show about historical possessions. An upcoming cable program has resulted from the Disc…

Shocking Truth about The Three Wise Men: They’re Chinese!

The story of the Three Wise Men has been told and retold since antiquity – but who were they? An intriguing ancient text, discovered in the Vatican archives by Brent Landau, suggests that they were … Chinese! “It’s an incredibly grand story,” Landau said. “So who the Magi are in this text is, they are descendants [...]

Vatican: Homer Simpson a "true catholic"

The Vatican’s official newspaper has declared Homer Simpson to be their idea of a true Catholic. “The Simpsons are among the few TV programmes for chi…

Painting Hanging in Family’s Living Room Might Be a Lost Michelangelo

For years, a painting had been passed around the Kober family of Buffalo, New York. A family legend said that it was painted by Michelangelo. When Martin Kober retired in 2003, he decided to find out if this was true: He found Antonio Forcellino, an Italian art restorer and historian and told him of the tennis [...]

Secret Romance Novelists

PIUS II Before becoming the Vatican’s top dog in 1458, Pius “the coolest-pope-in-history” II was an adventurer who traveled abroad on spy missions for the papacy, a smooth-talking diplomat, and a prolific writer. (Think of him as a kind of medieval James Bond with a slightly different collar.) His Eurialus and Lucretia is still read today, [...]

Ten Places You’ll Never Go

Listverse details ten sites around the globe that are strictly forbidden to the general public. No matter how much you’d like to see The Vatican Secret Archive, Club 33, Area 51 or the inside of Ise Grand Shrine (left), unless you’re one of the elite few, forget about it. The shrine does sound wonderful, though… The [...]

Vatican’s secret archives revealed

An extensive collection of 105 letters and documents from the Vatican’s secret archives have been published for the first time. The collection include…

Vatican researcher in Turin Shroud claim

The ever present debate over the authenticity of the Turin Shroud has been rekindled after a Vatican researcher has claimed that faint writing pre…

The Quick Seven: Seven Musical Hoaxes

It was 19 years ago this week (can you believe it’s been that long?) that the Milli Vanilli lip-synching scandal came to a head – the duo were stripped of their Grammies after it was revealed that they didn’t sing a single note on the Girl You Know It’s True album. But they were hardly [...]