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Large Scale Coathanger Art By David Mach

Artist David Mach creates sculptures out of a variety of odd mediums, from matchsticks to Scrabble tiles, but this time he’s making drycleaner dreams come true-by creating sculptures out of coathangers. David even left the hook on most of the hangers, creating an exterior layer of texture and adding a bit of visual interest to each [...]

The Artistic TARDIS Project

Years ago, a bunch of artists painted Darth Vader helmets, creating a variety of unique designs. For those that prefer Doctor Who over Star Wars, you might want to check out the new project that features a variety of painted classic British call boxes. Granted, they might not actually be TARDISes, but they certainly look close [...]

Van Gogh Paintings Recreated With Spices

I’ve seen Van Gogh paintings recreated with a variety of things, from food to plants to LEGOs, but this series by photographer Kelly McCollam seems to best capture the Impressionist feel. That’s because she used spices and other ingredients for cooking to recreate the scenes, and the textures feel much more like the original paintings than [...]

Cool Uses for Used Tires

Used tires end up in landfills all too often, taking centuries or more to break down. But there are other uses for all that road-worn rubber. WebEcoist has 25 examples of tires being recycled and reused for other purposes and the variety is both incredible and inspiring. From fashion products to playground equipment to flooring to [...]

Eyes of Famous Cartoon Characters

Designer Yoni Alter made this adorable print featuring the eyes of a variety of famous cartoon characters? Can you name them all? If not, don’t worry, she also released a cheat sheet for the poster. Link Via BoingBoing

24 Seriously Awesome Fish Tanks

Fish tanks are usually judged solely by the variety of fish inside, but these unbelievably cool fish tanks would be amazing even without their underwater tenants. I particularly love the one on the top left that looks more like a mini-forest than a fish tank. Link

Day of the Dead Mario Skulls

Artist Jonathan Koshi enjoys remaking a variety of classic icons into Dia de los Muertos skulls, while he has a bunch of them, my favorite is this delightful Mario one complete with pipes and mushrooms in his head. If you like the artworks, you can even buy your own. Link Via BoingBoing

Amazing Pictures of Magnified Beach Sand

I always knew there were a wide variety of sands, and that they were all made from worn down shells and rocks. But I had no idea just how different the varieties look when they’re put under the microscope. WebEcoist has a great gallery of magnified beach sand from across the Hawaiian islands—and even a [...]

Vanishing Store Fronts

One of my favorite things about New York City is the incredible variety of stores, restaurants and services the city contains. Nestled into nearly every block of city real estate, scattered between chain coffee shops and fast food franchises, is a little treasure to be explored. A mom & pop joint. A dive. A hole [...]

Gold Olive Branch Left on the Moon

The Apollo 11 astronauts left a variety of items on the moon. In addition to the flag, the plaque, and the silicon disk with goodwill statements, they left the item shown above. It is a small replica of an olive branch, described as “less than half a foot in length,” a traditional symbol of peace. [...]