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Creative Light Writing Proposal

When Derick wanted to propose to his girlfriend Emily, he decided to do it in a big way. A really big way: by creating a light writing proposal that covered several blocks in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina. It took Derick and his friends 3 nights of shooting and over 800 exposures to make the image. [...]

Town-Sized Optical Illusion

Photo: Today and Tomorrow Swiss artist Felice Varini is known for his massive art installations that show different images depending on the viewer’s vantage point. Recently, he created an optical illusion that covered the entire Swiss town of Vercorin. In the picture above, it looks like rings have been drawn over an image, but what Varini [...]

Reconstructing Cities from Thousands of Flickr Images

(YouTube Link) The above video is a reconstruction of the Croatian city of Dubrovnik. Rebecca Boyle writes in Popular Science that computer scientists at the University of Washington’s Graphics and Imaging Laboratory have been using Microsoft’s program Photosynth to compile Flickr images of major landmarks in order to create 3-D digital models: “The key difference is that [...]