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A Curious Vanity Picture

The Curiosity rover took a vanity shot. In this self picture, which actually is a combination of 55 individual photos taken from its MAHLI camera, you can see the rover sitting comfortably on the surface of Mars. Stuart Atkinson, an amateur astronomer, put the 55 pictures together and can be viewed at its full 5,400 [...]

The Paramount Picture

To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Paramount Pictures, photographer Art Streiber assembled 116 movie stars into one picture. Shown here is just a section of the picture that appears in the July issue of Vanity Fair. You can mouseover the full, larger image at Vanity Fair to see the names. Link -via Buzzfeed (Image credit: [...]

One Ear Up

Does what it says on the vanity license plate! Via Blame it on the Voices

11 Geeky License Plates

Who doesn’t love a good vanity plate? You know, the ones where people clearly put in a lot of creative effort to express themselves while simultaneously getting a rise out of other drivers on the road. Here are 11 I found particularly witty. Oh, and the last one on the list really does go to [...]

Portrait Created From The Average Of 500 Photos

This is what Flickr user clickflashwhirr looks like when 500 portraits of her, which she takes every day like the world’s most dedicated narcissist, are averaged into one angelic looking photo. The guy who put the photos together might be stalking her on Flickr, but I’m sure she will be flattered to see the result of [...]

Sitcom Credit Vanity Cards

You’d think that Producer Peter Lorre would have enough of a forum to speak his mind, considering that he created the two popular CBS sitcoms Two and A Half Men and The Big Bang Theory. Apparently not, though, because he also takes the opportunity each week to share his thoughts during the credits of those [...]