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11 Geeky License Plates

Who doesn’t love a good vanity plate? You know, the ones where people clearly put in a lot of creative effort to express themselves while simultaneously getting a rise out of other drivers on the road. Here are 11 I found particularly witty. Oh, and the last one on the list really does go to [...]

20 License Plates To Die For

Funeral homes strive to do their job with sympathy and dignity. However, a lot of older hearses are sold to the public and quite a few private owners like to show off their ride, which can mean getting an “appropriate” vanity plate. Shiny Plates has a collection of these morbid but imaginative hearse license plates. [...]

Vanity Plate Proves Costly

That’s Scottie Roberson, whose nickname is “Racer X” and favorite number is seven. He combined the two for his vanity plate: XXXXXXX. Turns out that decision flagged his car for over $19,000 in parking tickets. When Birmingham parking patrols find cars without license plates parked illegally or at expired meters, they enter seven X’s in place of [...]