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Milton Keynes Cows Made Into Skeletons

Concrete cows have been a familiar sight in a Bancroft park in Milton Keynes, England, since 1978. Since then, the sculptures have been stolen, beheaded, and painted in various fashions, including once having pajamas painted on. But a recent prank that left the bovines painted with skeletons may be the last straw. Officials are considering [...]

Prank Signs of the London Underground

These unauthorized signs may be classified as vandalism, but their presence encourages everyone to pay more attention to the signs, wouldn’t you think? See more of these at imgur. Link -via reddit


(vimeo link) This project has something for everyone: those who enjoy gadgets, bicycles, graffiti, overthinking, steampunk, art, and/or rainbows! Creator Akay calls it a “complicated technical solution to aide in simple acts of vandalism.” Read more about it at Underwire. Link -via Laughing Squid

Vandalism as Art: Does Breaking a Window Count as Art?

Can vandalism be art? Can breaking a window be considered as art? That is the thesis of Kevin Harman, who filmed himself smashing an art gallery’s window (he notified the gallery beforehand, but refused to reveal the date and time he’d actually do it). Artists seem to agree with him, as many of them are [...]