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Orca Talks to a Motorboat

(YouTube link) A killer whale named Luna was separated from his family and lived off the coast of Vancouver Island until his death in 2006. He was friendly with people in boats who went out to visit him, but did he like the people or the boats? In this video, he is imitating the sound of [...]

The 10 Most Beautiful Urban Parks on Earth

Environmental Graffiti found ten oases in the middle of cities that provide a good dose of nature for urban dwellers. Some are big enough to have hiking trails, lakes, zoos, forests, gardens, and even observatories. These 26 pictures are a refreshing treat for the eyes! Pictured is the gorgeous Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in [...]

Mega Earthquake and Tsunami

“QUANTUM SHOT” #684Link – article by Avi Abrams Help Japan now. Donate at Google’s Crisis Response Center. We’ve briefly touched on this topic in Future Plate Tectonics, yet with another huge wake-up call earthquake (and continuing swarm of smaller quakes) in Japan, we feel we should cover this kind of apocalyptic natural disasters more broadly, as well [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Non-Athlete Sports Injuries

It’s not uncommon for sports stars to get hurt in the line of duty, obviously (Colt McCoy, anyone?). It’s a little more unusual when a spectator gets taken out – I had a friend who got pelted in the elbow with a line drive at a minor league baseball game. Here are some innocent and [...]

3 American Border Disputes You Probably Never Studied

This article was originally posted last year. When America was being divvied up, surveyors and cartographers were as accurate as possible drawing the boundaries between these new regions. Unfortunately, mistakes were still made. And minor map mistakes led to years of fighting—sometimes in the courts, and sometimes on the field of battle. 1. The Toledo War: [...]