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Chilean Miner Has Second Mistress

Do you remember the formerly trapped Chilean miner whose wife and mistress learned about each other while he was underground? It turns out that Yonni Barrios has been cheating on his mistress: Yonni Barrios, who was the 21st miner out of 33 to be rescued last week, was welcomed on the surface by his mistress, Susana [...]

How Many Ways Can You Reuse a Dumpster?

Photo: Tomas Valenzuela Artist and environmental activist Oliver Bishop-Young’s project “Skip Conversions” tried to find creative and often amusing ways of recycling unwanted products. One example was a dumpster, which he turned into a swimming pool, a skateboard ramp, a living room, a garden, and a campsite. More pictures at the link. Link via Urlesque | Artist’s [...]