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Historical Figure Valentine’s Day

It might be a little late now, but these great Valentines cards by Ben Kling are simply fantastic, not to mention punny as all heck. Link Via Geekosystem

14 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

Here are a few wonderfully geeky cards for the special nerd in your life. It takes a special person to be able to read binary code quickly enough to realize you’re pronouncing your love for them with this cute card by Etsy seller TheWallaroo. Even the sky is filled with romance, as long as you know where [...]

14 Kissing Critters

Valentines Day, a day to celebrate love or even just the concept of love and romance. What better way to inspire those romantic feelings than cute critters kissing? Rue the Day has a collection of 14 pairs of animals smooching, plus a chance to enter a contest as well! Link (Image credit: Flickr user muzina_shanghai)

Things To Do For Lonely People On Valentine’s Day

Not everyone has plans for a romantic date on Valentines Day, and those who don’t might want to get their minds off all this love stuff. There are alternatives! Phil Haney has a roundup of activities and adventures that have nothing to do with Valentines Day, from arranging your own kidnapping to eating your heart [...]

Valentine’s Day By The Numbers

What happens in the few days leading up to Valentines Day? Several preparatory activities are explained in line graphs, from gift purchases to texting to bikini waxes at Cool Material. Link -via Buzzfeed

Heart Shaped Meals for Valentines Day

We set a day aside for sweethearts to express their love for each other, which sometimes devolves into a “how much will you spend on me?” test. Don’t fall into that trap! Real lovers know and understand each other’s financial situation. You can express your Valentines sentiments with a little more effort and less money [...]