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For Valentine’s Day: Chocolate Weapons

Let’s play a game of word association. Ready? Okay. “Valentine’s Day.” You’re thinking about grenades, right? Taiwanese artist Tu Wei-Chang understands. That’s why he made chocolate versions of military-grade weaponry for an installation called Happy Valentine’s Day. Link -via Tasteologie | Artist’s Website (Google Translate)

Since 2005, One Man Has Been Excavating His Basement Using Only Miniature Remote Controlled Earthmovers

Whatever you’re doing for Valentine’s Day, it can’t possibly top this man’s hobby. Joe, a Canadian, is digging out his basement. It’s been taking a while because he’s using only tiny, scale model earthmoving equipment. At the link, you can see a large number of photos and videos that he’s posted over the years. Link -via [...]

Match Heart

Happy Valentine’s Day, Neatoramanauts! (Or to those who are married, Happy Tuesday!) I thought that this clever "match art" by Russian IT Specialist Stanislav Aristov, which went viral last year (but as often the case, [...]

How Hollywood Says “I Love You”

My friend Matt Belinkie put together this stupendous, big ol’ mashup of 95 declarations of love. If you don’t mind a little cheese with your Valentine’s Day, this might even make you tear up. (Admission: I did!)

Show Your Love

(vimeo link) All over the world, people show their feelings of love to each other in their own ways. Kien Lam (previously at Neatorama) made a special Valentine’s Day video to remind us how universal the expression of love really is. He has more information about the video at his website. Link

A Doctor Who Valentine’s Day Card

The perfect geeky Valentine for any Whovians out there. I don’t know about you guys, but I’d love to get a homemade card tailored to my personal interests like this. Link Via The Daily What

Realistic Duct Tape Roses

Now that you can get duct tape in just about any color imaginable, why not make your Valentine some roses that are darn near indestructible? As a commenter at Metafilter said, Because nothing says “Let’s stick together,” like a “realis-stick” rose made of duct tape. See how it’s done at Instructables. Link -via Metafilter

14 Geeky Valentine’s Day Cards

Here are a few wonderfully geeky cards for the special nerd in your life. It takes a special person to be able to read binary code quickly enough to realize you’re pronouncing your love for them with this cute card by Etsy seller TheWallaroo. Even the sky is filled with romance, as long as you know where [...]

The Most Romantic Leopards In The World

(Video Link) Just in time for Valentine’s Day, these kitties want to show us just how to celebrate the upcoming holiday. Isn’t love beautiful? Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Retro Valentine’s Day Cards From Fleischer Studios

These cute, colorful and rather kitschy Valentine’s Day cards were licensed by Paramount Pictures in 1939, and they feature characters from Max Fleischer’s animated version of Gulliver’s Travels. They’re charming and simply ooze retro cartoon charm, so it’s no wonder these cards are highly prized by collectors of animation memorabilia, and Valentine’s Day card enthusiasts, over [...]