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Now Open: 8 New Thrill Rides at America’s Theme Parks

Whether it’s for a day trip, a getaway weekend, or a full-blown vacation, there’s a theme park near you, and many of them have new rides to deliver the biggest thrills yet -if you’re into that sort of thing. 1. Dollywood: Wild Eagle The big trend in roller coasters is the “winged” ride, in which the carriage [...]

The World’s Largest Collection Of Toy Soldiers

There are thousands of tiny soldiers locked in eternal combat in Valencia, Spain, housed in the Museo de los Soldaditos de Plomo (museum of the little lead soldiers). What started as a small collection belonging to Museum Director Alejandro Noguera’s father has become a collection of over one million, with 85,000 on display in diorama scenes [...]

World’s first double-leg transplant

Surgeons in Spain have performed the world’s first ever double-leg transplant in the city of Valencia. The man suffered injuries in an accident that r…

Around the World in Religious Traditions

VIAGRA FOR YOUR AFTERLIFE (Image credit: Flickr user sweart) Packing for the hereafter just got easier. According to a Chinese tradition, when a person dies, mourners should burn replicas of household items so the deceased can enjoy these in the afterlife. The hope is that if the dead are appeased with burnt offerings, their ghosts will refrain [...]

In the Market for Monster Supplies?

If you’ve ever been to 826 Valencia (aka The Pirate Store) in San Francisco or The Brooklyn Superhero Supply Store, then you’re already familiar with the concept behind the Hoxton Street Monster Supplies Store in London. For the uninitiated, it basically involves delightfully strange stores that are actually fronts for a free writing workshop for [...]

Gargoyles & Grotesques, Part 1

“QUANTUM SHOT” #653Link – article by Simon Rose and Avi Abrams Grinning Gargoyles and Grimacing Grotesques We’ve all seen them, those odd looking carved faces, some with horns, some half animal or half human, often looking miserable, scowling at us from the outer walls of buildings. Often they’re spotted on churches and other older structures, but [...]

Weird Festivals & Strange Celebrations

“QUANTUM SHOT” #611Link – article by M. Christian and A. Abrams Almost as good as “The Festival of the Freshwater Squid” (see here) As one travels the globe and observes the variety of fairs, festivals, and frivolities, it becomes clear that: 1) the concepts of “weird, strange, bizarre” are really in the eyes of the beholder – [...]

Bull Leaping

For some reason, the good people of Spain really like horned, charging mammals involved in their sports. From the classic (yet controversial) bullfighting matches to the Running of the Bulls, and now an old tradition revived- Bull Leaping! At Oddity Central, Spooky writes: Teams of 5 to 7 bull leapers gather each year in cities like [...]

Thief Identified Through His Turd

This has got to be one of the strangest police investigations ever. Detectives in Valencia County, New Mexico, identified a possible suspect by extracting DNA from a very unusual piece of evidence left by the thief: his own turd! “He ate their food and drank the drinks they had,” said Valencia County Sheriff Rene Rivera. The thief [...]