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Cat and Hair Dryer

(YouTube link) Most cats run for their lives when a hair dryer is on, but, like cats and vacuum cleaners, there are exceptions. This kitty wants to catch the air stream! -via Cynical-C

Funny Commercial for Dirt Devil

(Video Link) Here’s a clever commercial for Dirt Devil brand vacuum cleaners by the ad agency The Raft. Apparently, it’ll clean more than just one type of rug. Link via Copyranter

Doctor Who Dog vs. Dalek

(YouTube link) What’s that you say? You want a Doctor who’s young, playful, charming, yet fierce and unyielding in battle? I do believe we’ve found our twelfth Doctor – and he’s a boxer. Admittedly, he’s a bit cowed by this single Dalek, who is as fearsome and imposing as the loudest of vacuum cleaners, but he is fierce, [...]

Bladeless Fan by James Dyson

[YouTube - Link] A stylish new fan has been creating a buzz in the world of technology.  In this clip, inventor/engineer James Dyson, famous for his vacuum cleaners (you may have seen his commercials with his vacuum that can round corners), introduces his latest product, the bladeless air multiplier fan.  It uses a system [...]