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Suburban Fishing

Remember this trick the next time you drop something out of a window and don’t want to walk all the way downstairs to retrieve it. It helps if your vacuum cleaner is lightweight. Link -via John Walkenbach

Wonder Woman Stand Mixer Sends a Subtle Message

Kitchen Aid’s Brazilian division offers this Wonder Woman-themed stand mixer. My wife likes Wonder Woman. Maybe I should get her one of these — provided that I can find a matching vacuum cleaner and toilet brush. They will no doubt be well-received. Link -via Comics Alliance Be sure to check out our Wonder Woman products in the [...]

Protective Suit Improvised to Remove Nest of Yellowjackets

The girlfriend of redditor TroyPDX got stung by a yellowjacket, so “it was on like Donkey Kong.” He prepared for his attack on their nest by getting drunk and improvising a beekeeping suit out of duct tape, rubber boots, a flashlight, and computer parts. Troy then armed himself with a vacuum cleaner and marched off [...]

Dog-Shaped Vacuum Cleaner

In 1973, Ann Margaret Zaleski patented a dog-shaped vacuum cleaner. Why? From the abstract: A toy dog closely resembling a real dog and having a hollow interior in which is mounted a vacuum cleaner having a suction hose which is retractable from the tail end of the dog. This enables vacuuming a dog after a haircut [...]