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Phantom Hand is More than Original Hand

A strange case of a woman with a hand amputation lends credence to the idea that our brains know what our bodies should be like, even if our bodies vary from the norm. The woman, referred to as RN, was born with a deformed right hand that had only three fingers. That’s all she ever [...]

Lectures for a New Year: First Week in Review

For the month of January I’m bringing you a great lecture every weekday. This week we covered neurology, art, creativity, ecology, writing, achieving childhood dreams, and most importantly lots of jokes. In case you missed one, here’s a review of the lectures posted this week. The Last Lecture, First (Randy Pausch) To kick off the [...]

The Late Movies: Kim Peek, the Original “Rain Man”

Kim Peek was an autistic savant who inspired the movie Rain Man. Peek died on December 19, and below I’ve posted a five-part documentary about him, featuring neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran, among others. If you haven’t seen Rain Man, you probably should, but in short let’s just quote Wikipedia on Peek’s abilities: “His reading technique consisted [...]