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US Postal Service: Is Collapse Imminent?

For the past three years, Phillip Herr of the US Government Accountability Office was tasked by Congress to find out what’s wrong with the US Postal Service. He came to this conclusion (unsurprising to some, I’m sure): Herr and his team concluded that the postal service’s business model was so badly broken that collapse was imminent. [...]

How to Get Your Face on a Postage Stamp

Follow these five surefire steps and you’ll be stuck to the corner of envelopes in no time! Step #1: KICK THE BUCKET This is the hard part. According to the U.S. Postal Service, no living person can appear on an official stamp. No exceptions! (Clearly, the Postal Service is in the Elvis-is-dead camp). Step #2: BE PATIENT Don’t expect [...]

Why Can’t You Start a Rival Post Office?

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many of us are bracing ourselves for the inevitable interminable trips to the post office that come along with mailing cards and gifts. Whenever I’m stuck in the long line waiting, I always wonder, “Why couldn’t someone create a private postal system to compete with this one?” The [...]