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Diabetes in the USA

We’ve been told before that more and more Americans are getting Type 2 diabetes (which is brought upon by obesity), but you may be surprised that the geographical distribution of the disease is actually quite striking*. Healthline compiled data from CDC’s Behavioral [...]

Interactive Data Map

The New York Times has a series of interactive maps of the US with which you can study population distribution by race and ethnicity, income, housing (such as mortgage, home value, and rent), and by education. I found that the average household income in my county in 2009 was $21,195, which is 10% less than [...]

150 Years of American Occupations

Image: Job Voyager Job Voyager is a set of interactive charts showing changing occupations reported to the US Census Bureau from 1850-2000. It was built from data from the University of Minnesota’s Population Center using the visualization software Flare. I’m still trying to track down who was responsible for creating Job Voyager, but in the meantime, [...]