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Lace Helmet Cozy

It’s February, 1945. The US Army is advancing into Germany through Luxembourg. Sgt. William Furia of Philadelphia first wore his lace cozy as a joke, but then he found it offered some effective camouflage in the snowy weather. Link -via Retronaut | Photo: AP

Jeep Limo

(Video Link) This 1944 American newsreel shows the US Army’s “Super Jeep”. It was a rare extended-body jeep that could carry ten men. According to the newsreader, it was designed for shore patrol and was capable of traversing more rugged terrain than the standard jeep. -via Jalopnik

New rifle uses radio-controlled bullets

A new US army rifle that will soon go in to operation uses state-of-the-art radio-controlled bullets. The futuristic rifle is able to fire at targets …