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He Did It! Daredevil Free Falls 24.2 Miles Down to the Earth

Today, Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a capsule 24.2 miles above New Mexico. He successfully broke the world record for surviving the highest free fall with a parachute: It took 10 minutes for him to reach the desert surface below. Only the last few thousand feet were negotiated by parachute. Helicopter recovery teams have gone to [...]

The Top Ten Strangest Self-Experiments Ever

The following is a guest post from author Alex Boese. It is adapted from his newest book Electrified Sheep: glass-eating scientists, nuking the moon, and more bizarre experiments, which is being released in the U.S. today! Electrified Sheep tells the tales of some of the most weird and wonderful experiments ever conducted in the name of [...]

US secret space plane spends a year in orbit

The experimental US Air Force X-37B space plane was supposed to land in December after nine months. Built like a miniature version of NASA’s space shu…

New Cologne Lets You Smell Like General Patton

Well, who wouldn’t want to smell like Old Blood and Guts? Here’s your chance. The US Army has licensed a cologne inspired by General George Patton: It’s advertised as a woodsy blend of lavender, citrus, coconut, cedar, sage, tonka bean, bergamot, lime, and the ad copy says it will “elicit feelings of majestic woodlands and endless [...]

Air Force Academy Graduates Four Sisters

The admission standards for the US service academies are incredibly demanding, to say nothing of the task of graduating. But success runs in the Robillard family. The four children of the family, who form two sets of twins, are all graduates of the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado: As twins, and soon-to-be 2nd [...]

SETI Shuts Down Search for Alien Due To Budget Cuts

Poor ET will have to wait a tad bit longer to be found as SETI has shut down its Allen Telescope Array due to lack of funding. Frank Marchis of Cosmic Diary writes: The future of the ATA may depend of the US Air Force program. Unfortunately, because of the recent federal finance turmoil, no clear [...]

US Air Force Builds Supercomputer with 1,760 PlayStation 3 Consoles

US Department of Defense engineers and Sony built the most powerful computer in the Department’s inventory by linking 1,760 PlayStation 3 gaming consoles: The supercomputer, nicknamed the Condor Cluster, will allow very fast analysis of large high-resolution imagery — billions of pixels a minute, taking what used to take several hours down to mere seconds, Barnell [...]

A Quantum Leap for Solar Power?

After two decades of research into alternative energy, engineer Lonnie Johnson has developed an energy-producing device called the JTEC, which could double our current efficiency in converting solar power into electricity. The concept has scientists, research centers, and the US Air Force excited about its potential. One scientist called the JTEC “a very clever way [...]

9 Lost and Found Airplanes

You might think that an airplane would be a pretty difficult object to lose, but there are still large areas of wilderness on our planet where planes can be hidden for decades. On rare occasions they are found again, against all odds. Over the weekend, I saw an article headlined Remains of Early 1900s Plane [...]

Air Force seeks better space technology

The US Air Force has proposed a $50 million bid for new space technologies to improve surveillance, navigation and weather forecasting just one we…