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The World’s Poorest President

If you think that politicians are all glamorous and such, you haven’t met Jose Mujica, the president of Uruguay who lives in a ramshackle farm and donates almost all of his pay. He’s the [...]

Earth Sandwich

Redditor Matt872000 writes “Me, in Korea, and a friend, in Canada, just made an Earth Sandwich.” Very good! It’ll have a nice crunchy texture. Of course, the contents are off center will slide out with the first bite. Ideally, he needed a friend in Arachania, Uruguay. Link -via Blame It on the Voices

Top Ten Bizarre Wars

A lot of wars get left out of our history books because they left no changes in maps or the balance of power. However, some of these lesser-known wars lasted for hundred of years! There are also declared wars in which no one was killed, and, in the case of the Paraguayan War, hundreds of [...]

The Late Movies: Blu

Blu is the pseudonym of a super-cool Italian street artist, who began his career using spray paint but eventually evolved to use house paint, which gives his pieces a more polished, less urban look. Blu’s pieces can be seen all over Europe, most notably in Italy. Below, you’ll find a handful of time-lapse videos of [...]

Steam Train Transformer

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Steam Train Transformer Made by Dandeentremont – watch it in High Definition. Some images of the train are here and here. Link Today’s pictures & links: Love at the First Blast: (cover for “Imagination Stories”, June 1953 – see more) ———— World’s Tallest Building Planned for Rome in 1939 Not only Hitler and Stalin (see the article [...]

8 U.S. Presidents With Statues Abroad

Every former U.S. president has been honored with a statue in the United States, some more than others. A handful of the 43 men who have held the nation’s highest office have also been honored with statues abroad. Here are a few examples, including some that may surprise you. 1. George W. Bush—Albania Bush will always [...]

Misspelled Signs

“Welcom” to Jordan! Recently found crew in Aqaba, Jordan’s border with Israel. Another one from Jordan’s border control. From Uruguay with love