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30 Facebook Ad Parodies

The folks at Urlesque have been busy making ads for Facebook. No, not to sell anything; these are just for laughs! Anyone with a Facebook Account can create advertisements on Facebook. You could legitimately advertise your business or perhaps a waterproof blow dryer. I decided to use the feature to create ads for things that could [...]

Homeless Man Has Amazing Radio Voice

(Video Link) Ted Williams, a homeless man in Columbus, Ohio, has become an Internet sensation. He has an outstanding voice — like that of a professional radio announcer. Today, redditors led the charge to get Mr. Williams back on his feet, and he’s already been scheduled for local radio appearances. You can read the details at [...]

19 Weird Nativity Sets

Michael Jordan of Urlesque compiled pictures of and links to some of the strangest nativity sets ever made. Some of these have previously been featured on Neatorama, but most will be new to readers. These include a bake set, one made out of human hair, and one made out of marshmallows. Link | Photo: Museum [...]

The 27 Craziest Menorahs

A Hello Kitty menorah? Yes, it’s just one of a collection of off-the-walll menorahs at Urlesque. The Star Trek menorah we featured recently is in there, as well as a menorahs shaped like a moose, a cat, a Jeep, and some that are hard to describe. I wonder how many of these are actually used [...]

Papercraft Internet Memes

Urlesque has a great collection up of the “webbiest papercrafts” aka papercrafts made from internet memes. Personally, I love the two lol cat ones, but if you prefer hamster on a piano, keyboard cat or spaghetti monster the best, I wouldn’t blame you. Link

Harp Cover Songs

(YouTube Link) Ben Miller of Urlesque has compiled several pop, rock, and metal songs performed by harpists, such as CKania13’s rendition of Led Zepplin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” The other videos are selections from Journey, Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Lenny Kravitz. Link | Previously on Neatorama: Harptallica

9/9/09: A Day Without Cats on the Internet

(Video Link) The pop culture blog Urlesque has called for next Wednesday, September 9th, to be a day in which cats are absent from the Internet. Ostensibly, Urlesque seeks to end the meme-driven exploitation of cats, but I suspect that it may find broad support for the movement among those who weary of lolcats, piano-playing cats, [...]