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4 Kinds of Urine You Can Buy Right Now

Most people have no shortage of urine, but others require a packaged alternative for… whatever reason. Science, probably. Conveniently, Holytaco has roundedup some useful sources for procuring urine that is not your own. Thanks? Link | Photo: pinprick

Odd Jobs: Deer Urine Farmer

Hunters often use deer urine to attract their prey. Specifically, they use the come-hither-smelling urine of does in heat. And where do hunters get this urine? From professional urine farmers like Judi Collora: The key to success as a urine farmer, she says, is understanding that different seasons bring a fluctuating urine supply. “It all depends on [...]

Does Peeing on a Jellyfish Sting Actually Help?

The sting of a jellyfish comes from specialized cells in the surface of its tentacles called cnidocytes. Each small, bulb-shaped cell holds a barbed, threadlike tube, called a nematocyst, filled with venom. On the outside of each cell is a tiny hair called a cnicocil. When this “hair trigger” is disturbed, the cell’s toxic harpoon [...]

The Science of “Breaking the Seal”

If you like beer, and like it in large quantities, this might be a familiar scenario: You sit down at the bar, get a beer and drink it. You drink another one. Maybe a third. Things have gone well up to this point, but now you have to pee. So you go. Once you return [...]

11 Unbelievable Healthcare Industry Mascots

Food and other industries have mascots that are walking and dancing versions of their products, so why not mascots for urine tests, syringes, and various body organs? These exist too, in walking, dancing, kid-hugging form! See eleven of the best at mental_floss. Shown here is Petey Cup, which is, well, you can figure that out [...]

Disgusting Virgin Boy Eggs Are A Chinese Delicacy

Just when you thought the food eaten by the mainland Chinese couldn’t get any stranger, here comes this disgusting delicacy-eggs soaked in the urine of boys under 10 years old. Called Virgin Boy Eggs, they’re a big hit in the city of Dongyang, and the urine is collected from primary schools around town, making this a [...]

Scientists generate power from urine

Experiments involving the generation of electricity from urine have initially proven successful. While there’s still a long way to go before the techn…

The Ultimate NatGeo Office Email

Over at the National Geographic office, the following memo recently made its way around the company: Bear Urine—not a joke A package arrived at Geo…(talk about weird) 2 small bottles of Pee. Bear Urine. No… really. Can you please send a blast to see if some brave soul will claim the urine. Surprisingly, they got quite a few responses. [...]

"Eau de Toilet": Artist Made Perfume Out of Own Urine

“Signature scent” doesn’t get any more personal than this, folks! If you love to hear the unusual things artists do in the name of art, “urine” for a treat: Conceptual artist Cherry Tree has a scent of mystery about her. And the smell of urine. Her urine. And it’s intentional. For the last five years, Tree, who [...]

To Sit or Not to Sit

The following is an article from the science humor magazine Annals of Improbable Research. (Image credit: Flickr user Eric Rice) A Physician’s Reasons Why Men Should Stand by John Gamel Professor of Ophthalmology University of Louisville Louisville, Kentucky, USA Western Europe is abuzz with the latest flare-up in the war between the sexes, and for the moment, the women seem to be [...]