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Cat Bounce

If you’ve ever had the urge to drop a cat to see if it bounced, but you don’t want to hurt the animal, here’s a web toy for you! Click, drag, release, smile. Link -via Metafilter

Felted Adventure Time Toys

Ever have the urge to make up your own Adventure Time stories? Well then, you might follow in the footsteps of Flickr user michelleness and make your own adorable felted creations from the series. She not only created these four, but also a long-legged Jake and Fionna and Cake. Maybe it’s just me, but I [...]

Macaroni and Cheese Bologna Tacos in Tomato Sauce

When you stand on the edge of a culinary cliff, you may feel some dark urge to jump. Don’t. This is what happens. A contributor to No Pattern Required found an ancient grimoire of bologna recipes from Oscar Meyer. Alas, she foolishly opened it. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Student Yawned in Class … And Couldn’t Close Her Mouth!

Got a boring class? Whatever you do, suppress that irresistible urge to yawn, just in case. Here’s what happened to a British teen after she yawned in one particularly boring class: Holly Thompson, 17, of Kingsthorpe, Northampton, was in the middle of a particularly enthralling class on politics when she reacted to the subject matter like [...]

Happy Dress Like A Monkey Day

Giggles Coat – $29.95 OK, it’s not really Dress Like A Monkey Day. I just made that up. BUT, doesn’t Dress Like A Monkey Day sound like a fun holiday. Can we talk seriously? Do you ever have the urge to dress your child like a monkey? Well, now you can with the Giggles Coat from the [...]

Finger Tentacle

Finger Tentacle – $1.95 Do you have the urge to get in touch with your inner cephalopod? With the Finger Tentacle from the NeatoShop you can! Oh, how grand life would be if you could live under the sea. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more outrageous gifts.

The Silverware Swallower

A Dutch medical magazine asked its readers to send in their stories of strange medical cases. One respondent told the tale of Margaret Daalman, who came in to the hospital 30 years ago complaining of a stomach ache. An x-ray found 78 forks and spoons inside her! When she went in for her surgery, Ms Daalman, [...]