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A Groovy Kind of Earworm

Urban artist id-iom noticed a temporary blue wall around an empty lot in London, and decided to do this little stencil job. Now did a certain earworm pop up when you read that text? You’d probably [...]

Morning Cup of Link: Lists of 2011

A Salute to the Weird World Records Set in 2011. The biggest Afro, the most piercings, the longest tongue, the longest kiss …wait, those last two are not related. * The Best Local News Bloopers Of 2011. The news is broadcast live every day, but you screw up once and it’s on YouTube forever. * The top 8 parenting [...]

Are Urban Bicyclists Snobs?

You’ve seen them (or maybe you are one): holier-than-thou urban bicyclist who think they’re better than their environmentally destructive, car-driving brethren. Will Doig of Slate’s Dream City blog is a cyclist – and he has [...]

Aakash Nihalani’s Street Art

Urban artist Aakash Nihalani (previously at Neatorama) sent us a sneak peek at some of his illusory street art featured in a solo exhibit in Delhi, India. Click “more” to see, well, more. Link to Nihalani’s website. Link to his Flickr stream.

Squid Boat by Phlegm

Urban artist Phlegm took a break from painting on walls to create this squid canal boat in England. Unurth has more pics of the street … er, canal art: Link

Uniquely Creative Ads, Issue 14

“QUANTUM SHOT” #681Link – by Avi Abrams Extreme, Beautiful Ads as a Work of Art (with some lovely kitsch thrown in) Sometimes a visit to a museum, or a gallery, can become too tedious, ho-hum, boring… and then, on your way back, you’ll see something surprising, memorable on a street billboard, or as part of a weird [...]

Windowfarms Project Hydroponic Garden

This farm hangs in a window and uses plastic bottles, a pump and irrigation system. A nutrient solution feeds the plants. Urban apartment dwellers can grow almost anything in a Windowfarm, as long as it is not a root vegetable. Herbs, tomatoes, lettuce and squash are all good candidates. Prices run from $140 to $240. Link [...]

Art Pokes Fun at Gentrification of Brooklyn

Photo: Lauren Besser Urban artist Specter created a series of hand painted billboards that lampoons the gentrification of Brooklyn. The art is very tongue-in-cheek (don’t miss the “Ghetto Fabulous Condos”), but let me ask you this: what is wrong with gentrification? What’s so bad with cleaning up the neighborhood and raising property values? Link – via Wooster [...]

A Love Letter For You, Murals by Stephen Powers

Urban art comes in all kinds of flavor, but this may be my favorite: “A Love Letter For You,” a project by Stephen Powers where he paints various murals with lovey-dovey messages around Philadelphia (yes, the City of Brotherly Love – how appropriate!) Just in time for Valentine’s Day, too! Link – via 30gms

Hovercraft UAV Takes Test Flight

The AirMule, developed by the Israeli aerospace company Urban Aeronautics, completed its first test flight. It only went two feet, but since it was just a concept two years ago, that’s pretty far. In Aviation Week, Graham Warwick writes: Urban says the tethered hovers, about 2ft off the ground, showed the control system’s ability to stabilize [...]