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10 Amazing Artists Working With Miniature Models

We’ve seen how artists can take life-sized landscapes and make them appear to be tiny models through the use of tilt-shift photography, so now let’s look at the opposite end of the spectrum: the world of miniature art. Balsa Wood Manhattan Michael Chesko was a software engineer at Motorola when he started building skyscraper models in his [...]

Link Latte 158

#158 – Week of May 29, 2011 Apocalypses That Did Not Happen – [fascinating]Map of the World in Facebook Connections – [cool graphic]Steam Fire Engine – [epic flickr photo]A Metal Puzzle That Transforms into a Gun! – [wow video]Top Optical Illusions of 2011 – [wow compilation]Many will relate to this hilarious sketchbook – [funny]Rice Fields: This [...]