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If Anne Geddes Had Photographed Grown Ups Instead of Cute Babies

What if, instead of cute babies, Anne Geddes photographs grown ups dressed up as animals and flowers? Well, wonder no more. VICE Magazine called upon photographer Lee Goldup to make that a reality: Link [...]

If Adventure Time Was Actually A Retro Comic Book

Chilean illustrator Adolfo Torino Nuñez is quite the geek mash up artist. Aside from setting Adventure Time and Futurama in the Golden Age of Comics, he also has superhero mash ups like Hulkboy and The Fantastic Punishman. Don’t miss his DeviantArt gallery or you’ll be missing out. Link Via io9

What Happens When you Mix Mario and X Men

Who knew that Super Mario and the X Men could go together so well? Apparently artist Casey Edwards did because she’s the one who came up with these clever mash ups. Link Via BuzzFeed

Bill VS Betty

Bill VS Betty features mash ups of Bill Murray’s face over Betty White’s face and Betty White’s face over Bill Murray’s. While some of them are kind of creepy, you will be surprised that for some, both of these beloved comic icons are even more intriguing morphed together. Link

15 Awesome Pop Up Books

Pop Up books are largely considered children’s territory, but WebUrbanist has a great selection of 3D books that grown ups can enjoy too. I certainly would enjoy getting my hands on some of these. How about you guys? Link

Harry Potter As A Teen Comedy

( Video Link) I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love trailer mash ups and this Harry Potter one is one of the best I’ve seen in a very long time. Via Geeks Are Sexy

DIY Magnetic Silly Putty

(YouTube link) As far as at-home science experiments go, this one is both kid-friendly and non-explosive. It’s a great way to illustrate non-Newtonian flow and magnetic attraction to kids, but it’s also cool enough to keep grown-ups hanging around to see what happens. For the full instructions for making your own magnetic putty, check out the [...]