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The Most Popular Pages in Medieval Manuscripts

How can you know which pages in a medieval manuscript were the most popular? Kathryn Rudy of the University of St. Andrews reasoned that the finger smudges left by readers would be a good indicator: Using a device that measures the optical density of a reflective surface, Kathryn Rudy of the University of St. Andrews in [...]

Macho Guys Can Be Surprisingly Cooperative

Macho guys are usually portrayed as go-it-alone heroes in the movies, but Hollywood may have gotten it wrong. New study suggests that men with macho faces may actually be surprisingly cooperative, if needed by [...]

Proven by Science: Man’s Touch Gets Women Hot and Bothered

Photo: Shutterstock Science shown that being touched by a man gets the ladies "hot and bothered." Well, well, well. Why am I not surprised? "Women showed a temperature increase when they were involved [...]

Meet Otavia antiqua, Possibly the Ancestor of All Animals

It looks like an insignificant spec of dust, but if scientists are right, it could be the ancestor of us all. Meet Otavia antiqua, a microscopic, sponge-like African fossil that could be the earliest known [...]

One Female Guppy is Enough to Invade an Ecosystem

How many fish does it take for guppies to invasively breed its way into dominating an ecosystem? Biologists at the University of St. Andrews and the University of the West Indies did the experiment [...]

Life Under a Binary Star

Many science fiction scenarios have planets with two or even more stars. How would life evolve differently under such a system? In a new study, researchers have assessed the potential for photosynthetic life in multi-star systems with different combinations of sunlike stars and red dwarfs to figure out what plants might be like. The team has [...]