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Genetic “Mistake” 500 Million Years Ago Created Humans

Image: Carol MacKintosh Meet the lancelet, our distant cousin. Over 500 million years ago, a creature just like this one made a genetic "mistake", resulting in doublings of genes which triggered the evolution of [...]

The Acoustic Alarm

If you’re tired of waking up to the blaring of an annoying alarm, check out The Acoustic Alarm by University of Dundee product designer Jamie McMahon. It’ll serenade you out of bed. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]


(YouTube link) University of Dundee student Tim Pryde built a robot for his fourth year Product Design project. He named it DON-8r because its purpose is to ask for contributions to the Dundee Science Centre. This video shows a test run. Forgot to mention, there’s no hard feelings towards the girl who breaks DON-8r at the end [...]