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Schrödinger’s Cat is Alive!

Look Out Schrödinger’s Cat, It’s a Trap! T-Shirt Hooray for science! Berkeley physicists have managed to probe the state of a quantum object without collapsing it – the equivalent of taking a peek at Schrödinger’s [...]

Why America’s Top Colleges Offer Free Classes Online

Elite universities are throwing open their classrooms’ doors to anyone with an Internet connection—for free. Why are colleges offering free classes? They don’t want to be left behind in the digital revolution that has already transformed the way we consume news, music, and books. Stanford, Duke, Princeton, and Johns Hopkins are among the 16 universities that have [...]

The Secret to Raising Successful Children

Psst, parents! Want to raise happy and successful children? Put down that Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother book and land the helicopter parenting methods. Pyshcologist and author Madeline Levine tells us all about the [...]

Raindrop Keeps Falling on a Hummingbird’s Head

Image: Victor M. Ortega Raindrops keep falling on its head And the hummingbird whose body seems too small to survive Nothin’ seems to matter Those raindrops are [...]

Is Cancer A New Parasite Species?

According to a new scientific paper, cancer might actually be a newly evolved species of parasite based on the fact that the cells depend on their hosts for food, but otherwise act independently and to the detriment of their host. Duesberg, a molecular and cell biology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues [...]

The Travels of the Lorenz Butterfly

by Ron E. Hassner, University of California, Berkeley Figure 1. A specimen of Heliconius erato. The Lorenz butterfly may be a member of this species. Here is the most complete record yet compiled of the travels of the Lorenz butterfly. The most famous butterfly in science made its first reported appearance in 1972, in a paper on chaos [...]