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Flight Of The Homo Digitalis

In a strange alternate universe where sock puppets have replaced people, and their ancestors are naked hands, being the ultimate predator means having the strongest grip. DeviantARTist postapocalypsia sculpted this far out piece as a tribute to the “hand made and hands on aspects of our society.” Seems like a handy little fellow to have around! Link

Are we the earliest intelligent species ?

Could humans be one of the earliest or even the first intelligent species to evolve in the universe ? Most people believe that we will eventually find…

Dalek Purse Will Exterminate Your Shopping List

Though it’s not as roomy as a TARDIS handbag, this felt purse by Etsy seller krukrustudio will carry everything you need as you purge the universe of everything that is not Dalek. Just beware of the Oncoming Storm of your credit card bill. Link -via Technabob

Let’s Fly Through (a Very Small Section of) The Universe

We’ve seen "fly through the universe" video clips before, but this one is the best yet! Miguel Aragon, Mark Subbarao and Alex Szalay created this animation above from the most recent data from the Sloan [...]

The Universe is on Twitter

A novelty Twitter account should take the persona of someone that people talk about. Even better, some thing that people talk about, and that they don’t expect to get an answer from. People do talk about, and even address, “the universe,” so redditor Amathev took that idea and ran with it. Anytime someone invokes “the [...]

Fantasy Style Marvel Superheroes

The superheroes, and villains, from the Marvel Comics universe look extra super in fantasy garb. They were digitally re-designed by DeviantARTist theDURRRRIAN, who’s clearly pushing for his own line of action figures! Hit the link and check out these fantastic character designs for yourself. Wouldn’t a fantasy-superhero hybrid make a great roleplaying game?! Link  –via GeekTyrant

Dark Matter Bridge Connects Galaxies

Image: Jörg Dietrich, University of Michigan/University Observatory Munich Scientists have discovered a "bridge" made of dark matter that connect clusters of galaxies: A ‘finger’ of the Universe’s dark-matter skeleton, [...]

Visualizing Space Based on Place Names

It’s hard to imagine the crab nebula and lagoon nebula in your head, but with the cool artworks that make up the Zoological Universe make the names seem more sensible and make the beauty of these photos of space even easier to appreciate. Link Via Etsy

How to Measure the Universe

In this short animated video, Dr. Olivia Johnson of the Royal Observatory Greenwich (home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Prime Meridian) explains how scientists measure the universe using parallax, standard candles, and the Doppler effect. Got four minutes? Pick up some basic math. (Sorry, maths.) Royal Observatory Greenwich is hosting an exhibit [...]

Magnifying The Universe

Copyright 2012. Magnifying the Universe by Number Sleuth. If you love "The Power of Ten," then don’t miss this: Magnifying the Universe, a Flash interactive infographic that illustrates [...]