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Mondo’s Universal Monsters Art Show

Mondo is the Alamo Drafthouse poster company that creates limited edition screen printed posters with re-envisioned artwork that’ll knock your bolts off! They’ve been wowing folks with fresh designs from artists such as Mike Mitchell, Drew Struzan and Tom Whalen, and now they’re set to have their biggest show yet, with posters based on Universal Studios [...]

Movie Trivia for Universal’s 100th Anniversary

The Universal Film Manufacturing Company was officially incorporated in New York on this date in 1912. According to company legend, Carl Laemmle named his company Universal after seeing “Universal Pipe Fittings” written on a passing delivery wagon. To commemorate the 100th anniversary, we asked the good people at Universal to share some of their [...]

Universal Construction Kit Is A Building Toy Dream Come True

The Free Universal Construction Kit is an innovative new product that lets you combine pieces of building toys such as LEGO, K’Nex, Tinkertoys, Zoob, Duplo, etc., thereby allowing your creative mind to run free. Even better than the rock solid design of the adapters is the fact that the Universal Construction Kit is free to download [...]

Foley Artist Tools Of The Trade

Did you ever wonder how everyday sounds are recreated in film? Foley artists (named after Jack Foley of Universal Studios circa 1927) create the ambient sounds that make a film sound authentic. The image above is a toolkit for the artists that helps them create the “everyday” sounds you hear in movies such as the [...]

The Fastest Time for Two Men to Switch Pants

The Universal Record Database is a website that allows users to submit videos of themselves accomplishing great feats. In this case, John Florance and Kevin Gerhart switched pants — including unbuckling and rebuckling the belts — in just twelve seconds. Video Link via Urlesque