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Head-Mounted CPU Fan

Is your own biological central processing unit working hard? Make sure that it doesn’t overheat by installing an external fan. Flickr member marginal_220’s cooler has already proven to be an effective heat sink. Link -via Make

Puppy Precinct

What? That is not a real puppy. That’s too small to be a real puppy. Reference here (0:20 mark). Maybe before you get to be a K-9 unit you have to be a Puppy-Unit. Can you imagine what the training is like? Killer kill! Yo, Killer kill! He stops criminals with his cuteness alone, I [...]

The End of the "Silent Letter"

Combining the ease of telephonic communication with the awesome speed of mail, the maker of typewriters Smith-Corona (count just how many cutting edge technologies are represented here, Neatoramanauts!) introduced the Mail Call back in 1967: Announcing: The end of the silent letter Now you can really “hear” from those you miss the most. A son in service. A [...]

Pigeons Have GPS Built Into Their Brain

That GPS unit on your car sure is fancy, but pigeons have got you beat: they have GPS built right into their brain! Researchers have spotted a group of 53 cells within pigeons’ brains [...]

Digital Tabletop Takes Board Games To A Whole New Level

(YouTube Link) This impressive tablet-style unit is called the ePawn Arena, a digital tabletop gaming unit which debuted at CES 2012. It’s billed as “the next level of Dungeons and Dragons style gaming”, but I think they’re missing the obvious potential as a never ending variety of board games ready to be loaded up and played, [...]

Razer Unleashes A Tablet Hybrid Gaming PC

The future of portable gaming looks pretty sweet, thanks to Razer’s newest innovation Project Fiona, which looks like a tablet but has a gaming PC worth of power under the hood. With Intel’s Core i7 processors, both game controllers and a touch screen, and no issues with compatibility when running PC games (it will come with [...]

Inflatable Earbuds

When using earbuds, the quality of sound transmission is impaired by the loose fit of the bud inside the ear canal. This new invention by Stephen Ambrose offers a solution: The ADEL currently comes in two flavors — a “balloon” completely surrounding a driver unit, with the membrane replacing the entire structure of a traditional earphone, [...]

Drink Making Unit 2.0

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories has a contraption that will automatically pour six, count ‘em, six liquid ingredients into a cocktail glass for the geekiest mixed drink ever! Drink Making Unit 2.0 is a few steps up from the three-liquid unit they’d previously produced. Microcontrollers, LEDs, tubing, and the kind of equipment all evil mad scientists [...]

The Quick 10: 10 Obsolete Units of Measurement

Do you ever wonder if someday, things that we say and use every single day will be totally obsolete? I’m not talking technology – of course something bigger and better than the cell phone will eventually come along, and desktop computers are already practically becoming a thing of the past. I’m talking about things that [...]

Televox, a Clever Ghetto Camouflage of an Ugly AC Unit

Photo: d.billy [Flickr] Shaun Usher wrote a nifty post about a few unusual air conditioners from around the world – from the high-brow art/AC unit from LG to the Dunstable Wind Catcher, which is based on ancient Persian technology. I, on the other hand, am immediately drawn to “Televox,” a clever camouflage of a window unit [...]