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Ten Strange Units of Measurement

While some may think that feet and inches are “strange” units of measurement in comparison to the metric system, fear not; some people use even more convoluted systems to determine their measurements. What are some units of measurement that you think don’t work? What are some obscure ones you think should be used more often? One [...]

Count My Change (and Win a Copy of Ransom’s New Book!)

Update (4:02pm): Still no winner! If you’ve already used up your three guesses, you can guess again. I keep my spare change in an old pretzel jug. On at least two occasions, I’ve taken pictures of said jug (see above) and asked you guys to guess how much money is inside. Prizes are dangled. Fun times [...]

Top 10 Biggest Star Ever

Below is a Top 10 list of the largest known stars by radius (half of the diameter). The unit of measurement used is the radius of the Sun (approximately 695,500 kilometers, or 432,450 miles). The exact order of this list is not complete yet, nor is it completely well defined: There are sometime high uncertainties [...]