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Ketchum Hand Grenade

Image: Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield; WICR 30377 That, Neatoramanauts, is a hand grenade patented in 1861 by William F. Ketchum. If someone threw one at you and you ketchum, you’d be in trouble. Unless [...]

Starry Night Recreated with Doorknobs

Union Hardware in Bathesda, Maryland sells decorative household materials. Over the years, owner David Goldberg has accumulated a lot of old discontinued pieces. He took them out of storage and assembled this rendition of Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night: This new rendering utilizes over 1,250 door knobs, levers, and back plates from Italy, Germany and the [...]

Quiz: Name the European Union in 10 Minutes

FRANCOIS LENOIR/Reuters/Landov It was announced today that the European Union has won the Nobel Peace Prize. How many of the 27 member states can you name in 10 minutes? Take the Quiz: Name the European Union in 10 Minutes

European Union Wins the Nobel Peace Prize

Congratulations to all Neatoramanauts from the European Union! You’ve all won the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, which comes with $1.2 million in prize money: The European Union won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday, a choice that [...]

5 Questions: The ‘Union’ Label

Look for The ‘Union’ Label on Friday’s 5 Questions quiz.

Should Polygamy Be Legal?

Photo: Shutterstock In the midst of the discussion over marriage equality these days, let us ask this question: Should three people be allowed to marry each other? After all, they’re all grown ups and what business does society have in regulating what they do in private? That’s the controversy [...]

Greeks Think They’re the Hardest Working People in Europe

In the midst of the European economic crisis, the Pew Research Center’s Global Attitudes Project decided to conduct a little poll on the European Union countries and how they view each other on various topics. Amongst the findings, this one stood out: [...]

Los Angeles Riots: Then and Now

7th Street and Union Ave, Westlake. Photos: Ted Soqui Twenty years ago, after a jury acquitted police officers on charges of excessive use of force against Rodney King, Los Angeles erupted in riots. Over the next [...]

Rate My Rat: The Photo Contest for New York City Subway Rats

Hot or not? Cast your vote! A union of subway workers in New York City found an ingenious way of drawing attention to the rat problem that its members have to deal with every day. It’s holding a contest that encourages people to submit photos of rats found in the tunnels and rate them on [...]

The Soviet Union Was Dissolved 20 Years Ago Today

Girl standing atop Soviet tank in Red Square during the Communist hard liners’ coup attempt in August 1991. © David Turnley/CORBIS Twenty years ago today, on December 8, 1991, a group of Soviet leaders got together in a house in snowy Belarus to declare the end of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The resulting treaty, [...]