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How to Make Unicorn Horn Cookies

To make kristylynn84’s unicorn horn cookies, first make sugar cookie dough in several different colors. Roll them into sticks, then twist them around cream horn forms. Make small circular cookies to serve as caps. Bake, then stuff with candy. Shoot, make them big enough, and you could probably fill them with unicorn poop cookies. Link -via That’s [...]

Unicorn Wishes Mix & Match Stationery

Unicorn Wishes Mix & Match Stationery – $8.95 Are you looking to write a captivating and beautiful letter, but don’t know where to start? You need the Unicorn Wishes Mix & Match Stationery from the NeatoShop. This graceful set includes 16 sheets of paper with envelopes. Also enclosed are several enchanting unicorn stickers. Now go forth [...]


If you thought Bennett Foddy’s QWOP was too difficult (or too short because you failed), then you’ll like his newest game CLOP. It works like QWOP, but you are controlling a unicorn (or not). With four legs, the animal is less likely to fall down completely, but I still managed to end up with the [...]

Rainbow Unicorn Piñata Gun Shoots Planet-Destroying Confetti out of Its Butt

(Video Link) It’s all fun and games until a planet gets obliterated. So be careful. Go ahead and make a rainbow unicorn piñata gun by following the instructions at the link, but always observe the four rules of rainbow unicorn piñata gun safety: 1. All unicorns are always loaded. 2. Always keep your unicorn’s butt pointed in a [...]

Unusual Unicorn Stompeez Slippers

Unusual Unicorn Stompeez Slippers – $29.95 Stomp, stomp, stomp Easter is on the way. Are you still looking for the perfect Easter basket stuffer for your favorite little monster? You need the Unusual Unicorn Stompeez Slippers from the NeatoShop. The unicorn’s eyes pop up when you walk, stomp, and jump around. Stompeez Slippers also available in: One Eyed [...]

Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Inflatable Unicorn Horn – $7.95 Are you looking for a way to get in touch with your inner magical woodland beast? You need the Inflatable Unicorn Horn from the NeatoShop. Who knew an inflatable hat could make you feel so wild, pure, and full of grace! Are you really a Narwhal lover? The Inflatable Unicorn Horn is [...]

Magical Unicorn Mask

Magical Unicorn Mask – $29.95 How do you turn a regular day into a magical day? You don the Magical Unicorn Mask from the NeatoShop. There is just something about wearing a latex mask shaped like a unicorn head that makes you feel special. Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more Unicorn happiness. Link

Unicorn Costume

Unicorn Costume – $26.95 Do you dream of having your own rainbow pooping unicorn? Make your dream a reality this Halloween with the Unicorn Costume from the NeatoShop.  Just combine one rainbow pooping baby or toddler with this incredibly adorable Unicorn Costume and live out the fantasy for one glorious night. If you can’t locate a rainbow [...]

Ride the Quadricorn

(Video Link) You’re still riding a unicorn? They’re, like, so 2010. The new thing is the quadricorn. It’s four times as unicorny as a unicorn. Don’t you have one yet? Dude, get with the times. -via Uniblog

Porcelain Unicorn

(Video Link) The Philips Parallel Lines: Tell It Your Way film contest invited people to make a short film, no longer than three minutes, that contained these lines as its dialogue: What’s That? It’s a Unicorn Never seen one up close before Beautiful Get away, get away I’m sorry. The winner, as judged by acclaimed directory Ridley Scott, was Porcelain Unicorn. Watch this [...]