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Baby Leopard Loves Cuddles

(Video Link) A caretaker found just the right scratching spot to induce bliss in a baby leopard. This little one lives at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma, Washington. -via The Uniblog

The Little Heroes

Yale Stewart’s outstanding webcomic Little League remembers the Justice League before it became famous. It’s hard to be a kid, especially when Mr. Darkseid is school’s gym teacher and a cootie plague sweeps through the city. Link -via The Uniblog

Dungeons & Dragons/Bank Lobbies & Accountants

(Video Link) For years, I’ve been suggesting that what you see in this video may be the true, unseen reality of our existence. The sketch comedy troupe Caution: May Contain Nuts shows was real adventuring is like. Warning: foul language. Official Website -via The Uniblog

So, You Summoned Me?

This drawing by Aaron McConnell amused me, even though I didn’t understand the meaning. Then I learned that it is a reference to a 1988 album cover by Leonard Cohen. How do the two connect? McConnell explains at the link. Link -via The Uniblog

Classic Comic Book Covers Animated

Tony Stark’s life spun out of the control in the classic nine-issue Iron Man series “Demon in a Bottle.” It’s all the more striking with this cover image animated by cartoonist Kerry Callen. You can see three other animated covers at the link featuring the JLA, Batman, and Spider-Man. Link -via The Uniblog

Lumpy Space Princess Baby Costume

Lumpy Space Princess is, like, this character on the TV show Adventure Time or whatever. Kimmy Bruehl had the right idea by dressing up her daughter Suzanne as the little bundle of soft, floating, sarcastic lumpiness. Link -via The Uniblog

Don’t Do Drugs, Kids

This is allegedly an ad for an anti-littering campaign in Belfast, UK. But it would work pretty well for anti-drug campaign as well. Or a commercial for adult undergarments. Link -via The Uniblog

Sonic Screwdrivers Have No Place in Action Movies

(Video Link) The Doctor’s sonic screwdriver is the ultimate multitool. It can do anything! In fact, it can do too much. If it were available for action movie heroes, the sonic screwdriver would make everything too easy. Content warning: violence. -via The Uniblog Be sure to check out our selection of sonic screwdrivers from the NeatoShop!

Keep Alaska Weird

Which caliber for a flying eye laser beam-shooting grizzly bear? Bag limit of two per season. I haven’t been able to track down the artist responsible, but some people think that this is an illustration for a 90s era RPG called The World of Synnibarr. -via The Uniblog

Tom Selleck Saved My Baby

Well, of course he did. It’s all in the ’stache. And Dmitri Drjuchin did a fine job depicting this classical hagiographical event. Link and Artist’s Website -via Uniblog