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Uncle Drew Chapter 2

In the first chapter of Uncle Drew, Pepsi Max teamed up with NBA star Kyrie Irving to play a little prank on people. Now, they are back for Chapter 2. In the first installment they dressed him up as an old man named Uncle Drew and brought him to a pickup game. The film crew explained [...]

Knope-Newport and 6 Other Memorable TV Elections

Image credit: Tonight’s season finale of Parks and Recreation will feature one of the most hotly contested elections since Truman defeated Dewey. While we wait to see whether Leslie Knope trumps Bobby Newport for a seat on the Pawnee City Council, here are some of our other favorite TV election episodes. 1. Cheers After Boston City Councilman [...]

If Your Favorite Characters Were Fonts

G is for Gonzo P is for Pepe and U is for Uncle Deadly. I don’t know about you guys, but I desperately need to download this font. Of course, if you prefer Harry Potter, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Pixar movies, then there are other alphabets that you might suit you better. Link Via [...]

Bathroom Reader Mobile App and Book Giveaway!

Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader is proud to announce their new mobile app, which enables you to enjoy bathroom reading on your iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device! Which means, you can enjoy them anywhere, not just the bathroom. …this app will give you a daily dose of the best of what Uncle John has to offer. [...]

National Bathroom Reading Month Sweepstakes

Did you know that June is National Bathroom Reading Month? Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader is celebrating by holding a contest called the “Power Bowl,” where you can win up to $2,500 to remodel your bathroom “reading room”! The exact prize will depend on how many people enter. LEVEL 1: Greenbacks for towel racks 100 Entries = 10 [...]

Meat Nativity

This photograph of unknown provenance shows a Nativity scene made out of meat and sauerkraut. All it needs is an angelic host made out of deviled ham. via Say Uncle UPDATE: Say Uncle emails to say that it’s probably hash browns, not sauerkraut. What do you think?

How Did the Donkey & Elephant Become Political Mascots?

It all started with an insult. During Andrew Jackson’s 1828 presidential campaign, his political opponents labeled him a “jackass.” Stubborn as he was, Jackson co-opted the insult and began putting a donkey on his election posters. For the rest of his career and even into his retirement, newspapers and cartoonists continued to represent Jackson either [...]

The Quick 10: It’s a Wonderful Life

I’m going to have to watch this on the sly at some point in the next week, because every time my husband walks in the room and sees it on T.V., he starts making fun of me. And he likes Jimmy Stewart. But I digress. For those of you who love this classic as much [...]

The Mysterious Disappearance of Four Comic Book Characters

Comic strips – they’re usually happy, fun, lighthearted places (unless you prefer the likes of Rex Morgan. But behind the smiles sometimes lie sinister secrets – the mysterious and questionable disappearance of characters! OK, I’m being a bit dramatic – just consider me in the Halloween spirit, and enjoy these four characters whose faces you might [...]