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Scientist Invented Real Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver

Doctor Who? Doctor Mike, that is! Move over, Matt Smith. Mike MacDonald of Dundee University, Scotland – who could very well be the Time Lord himself visiting us in the present time – has invented [...]

Ultrasound Reveals Baby Venom In The Womb

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s going on when you look at an ultrasound image of a baby in utero, but in this case the truth is plain to see-this woman’s baby is clearly the supervillain Venom, and he’s coming back for vengeance against Spider Man! Giving birth to a supervillain might seem like a scary [...]

Hitting Testicles (with Ultrasound Pulses) May Be an Effective Contraceptive

On the left is a normal testicle. On the right is one that has been blasted with ultrasound. The latter has a reduced sperm count, which is why researchers at the University of North Carolina think that they may have discovered an effective male contraceptive: They found that two, 15-minute doses “significantly reduced” the number of [...]

Pregnant woman conceives again

A pregnant woman who went for a routine ultrasound in June discovered that she was also pregnant with a second baby that had been conceived after …