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Origami Inspired Folding Ukulele Kit

Now your traveling band will always have a Ukulele present, thanks to this folding uke kit created by Brian Chan. Inspired by origami, this DIY kit takes about half a day to build and comes in standard or mini versions. The simplicity of the design and the way it so neatly folds into the box form [...]

Playable LEGO Ukulele

Ross Crawford faced four challenges with this project. He had to be able to shape the LEGO pieces into generally curved shapes. The assembly had to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of four tight strings. There had to be a way to tune those strings effectively. Finally, even though it was made of [...]

Man Plays Ukulele with His Teeth

Siuta Vealia from Aukland, New Zealand, can play a ukulele with his teeth: It’s pretty easy, he reckons. You play two strings with your top teeth and the other two with your bottom row. But he admits his talent is “quite unusual” and can shock his audience. “When I start playing with my teeth they’re surprised,” he says. [...]

The Late Movies: Springsteen on the Ukulele

Last week, I stumbled upon Uke Springsteen’s MySpace. Uke, who by day is Pat Healy, an editor at the Boston Metro, is a one-man cover band, using his ukulele to strum out renditions of popular Bruce Springsteen songs. (His remix of “Atlantic City” rivals The Band for best cover of the iconic song.) Perhaps not [...]

15 Unique Bohemian Rhapsody Covers

(YouTube Link) Yesterday, Neatorama featured a Muppet version of Queen’s iconic song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Lindsey Weber of Urlesque has compiled fifteen unusual and creative cover version of that song, including this ukulele version by Ukulele Bartt. Others include a typographical version, an orchestral version, and one in which the musician uses only his hands. Link | Ukulele [...]