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A Salute to Tarsiers

Do we ever get tired of looking a the nocturnal primates we know as tarsiers? Ugly Overload has a collection of tarsier pictures, facts, and links for your enjoyment. Link (Image source: I Can Has Cheezburger)

Dating Website for the "Aesthetically Challenged" Celebrates Its First Engagement

The Ugly Bug Ball is a dating website marketed to people with, uh, unique aesthetic qualities. It’s now celebrating its first marital engagement: Mr Clifford, 36, a carpet fitter who has a ”face that makes children cry”, said: ”I’ve been a joke to women for years because of the way I look. ”I always thought that I [...]

Letterheady: A Blog About Letterheads

(L) Walt Disney Productions – via COHASCO DPC (R) Frank Zappa – via Kill Ugly Radio Robot Salesmen Ltd. – via We Made This From Shaun Usher of (sadly now defunct) deputydog and the fantastic Letters of Note blog, here comes Letterheady, an online homage to letterheads: Link