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A Current Sampling of Niche Blogs

You come here to mental_floss for your daily dose of knowledge on a wide variety of topics. Our quizzes and entertainment posts also cover a great range of subjects. But sometimes, you like to find something so different and specific that you didn’t even realize there was enough material for a website, much less a [...]

Is Cancer A New Parasite Species?

According to a new scientific paper, cancer might actually be a newly evolved species of parasite based on the fact that the cells depend on their hosts for food, but otherwise act independently and to the detriment of their host. Duesberg, a molecular and cell biology professor at the University of California, Berkeley, and his colleagues [...]

Gray Whales Survived Ice Ages By Changing Their Diet

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Smithsonian Institution paleontologists have collaborated on a study of gray whales and how they survived so many global climate changes. The result-gray whales varied their diets and adapted to a wider range of food sources in order to survive. This study shows that whales may adapt quite easily to whatever [...]

Are we currently in a 6th mass extinction ?

Some scientists believe we are experiencing a mass extinction equal to that which killed the dinosaurs. Scientists at UC Berkeley believe we are at th…

Couples With Daughters More Likely to Divorce

Does the sex of your children have an effect on your marriage? Data drawn from US Census records of 3 million adults seems to say that having daughters is not great for marital bliss. But the raw numbers don’t say why. In the original 2003 research on the topic, economists Gordon Dahl, from the University of [...]